We did the research, we did the development, we had our trial period, we made some alterations and we finally have it right! It may have taken 3 years but it’s finally done…well, for now. :) 

You will soon see new pictures with our beautiful new packaging of our Bedford skincare line, made with organic and natural ingredients.

The Bedford skincare line is inspired by our family history and the botanicals we use in our body soaps. Derek’s great-great grandmother was an herbalist and the tradition of using herbs and botanicals has continued in the family. We believe in using...

Our Interview with Sanford Economic Growth Council

If you would like to know more about us, check out this interview of us with the Sanford Economic Growth Council. 


Possum Hollow Farm Soap has an interesting history. Can you share with us the story of how the business was started?

Our founders, Robin & Jim Bedford started Possum Hollow Farm Soap in Lehigh Valley, PA in 1999. They were dairy farmers at the time and their youngest son, Adam, needed to complete a science project, he chose to make soap. After the science project was complete Robin and Jim loved it so much and decided to continue...

The Way Life Should Be

We bought a house and moved to Maine in October of 2015. Life is great in Maine! We live 45 minutes from Portland and 20 minutes from the beach. Jen also joined the business full time. YAY! Life doesn’t get better than that! Oh wait, YES it does!!

In December, we connected with the Economic Growth Council of Sanford and learned that they had a small business grant to give away to a deserving company.  So, after countless hours, long days and weeks of hard work, we submitted our application and business plan. It was a lot of work but...