Large Soap Gift Box

Large Soap Gift Box

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This large gift box has 4 regular size bars, each 5.5 ounces each.

Please select the box that you desire.

Lavender Soap Box -

Lavender Garden (Vegan), Lavender Mint (Vegan), Lavender Vanilla Oat (Cow's Milk), English Lavender (Cow's Milk).


Eucalyptus Soaps - 

Eucalyptus Lavender (Vegan), Australian Mint (Vegan), Eucalyptus Lemon (& Mint) (Vegan), and Citrus Lavender (& Eucalyptus) (Cow's Milk).


Lemongrass Soaps -

Lemongrass Vanilla (Vegan), Eucalyptus Lemon(grass) (Vegan), Matcha Lemongrass (Vegan), Lemongrass Cedar (& Sage) (Cow's Milk).


Vanilla Soaps - 

Vanilla Bean (Vegan), Spearmint Vanilla (Cow's Milk), Cherry Sandalwood (& Vanilla) (Cow's Milk), Lavender Vanilla Oat (Cow's Milk).


Spearmint Soaps -

Double Mint Citrus (Cow's Milk), Spearmint Vanilla (Cow's Milk),  Basil Sage Mint (Vegan), Lavender Mint (Vegan).


Citrus Soaps -

Citrus Oatmeal Spice (Vegan), Double Mint Citrus (Vegan), Key Lime Lavender (& Bergamot) (Cow's Milk), and Citrus Lavender (& Eucalyptus) (Cow's Milk).


Floral Soaps - 

Rose Petal (Cow's Milk), Key Lime Lavender (& Bergamot) (Cow's Milk), Lavender Garden (Vegan), English Lavender (Cow's Milk).


Earthy Soaps Box 1 - 

Basil Eucalyptus Mint (Cow's Milk), Herb Garden (Vegan), Rosemary Mint Thyme (Vegan), Basil Sage Mint (Vegan).


Earthy Soaps Box 2 - 

Patchouli (Cow's Milk), Double Mint Citrus (Cow's Milk), Patchouli Lavender (Vegan), Australian Mint (Vegan).


Best Selling Cow's Milk Soaps - 

Basil Eucalyptus Mint, Lavender Vanilla Oat, Spearmint Vanilla, Lavender. 


Best Selling Vegan Coconut Milk Soaps -

Lemongrass Vanilla, Lavender Mint, Herb Garden, Basil Sage Mint.


Your box will be tied with a seasonal colored raffia or ribbon.

We only have black boxes available at this time.